B&B Alfeo in the centre of Rome



The Alfeo B&B, recognized by the Roma Tourist Promotion Board company is situated in the centre of Roma in Via Ostiense, halfway between the Cestia pyramid (Piazzale Ostiense) and the Basilica of St. Paul Without the walls (see photo left).
The Via Ostiense, one of the oldest roads in Rome, is today an important channel of communication linking the centre of the city with the Rome coast and from which there is easy access to on the area south of Rome.

The Alfeo B&B which is situated in a 19 th century building with a separate entrance, offers rooms with deprived bath rooms, terraces equipped with every comfort, communal area and kitchen, all recently restored installed. Only a few minutes walk from the Tiver, the Alfeo B&B is also very near the most visited areas of Rome: Testaccio, Trastevere, Aventino, Circus Maximus, Garbatella, Eur, etc.


There are numerous means of transport linking the area with the rest of the city.


BUS: (Via Ostiense – just opposite the entrance to the Alfeo Undergraund
(Metro B) Piramide Cestia – Garbatella – St. Paul’s
Railway (Ostiense Station)


Besides from the B&B Alfeo you/he/she can be reached afoot or with the public transport:

-    Basilica St. Paolo 
-    Catacombs St. Callisto 
-    Catacombs of Saint Domitilla 
-    Catacombs of St. Sebastiano 
-    Circus Massimo 
-    Museum of the Boundaries to Door St. Sebastiano 
-    Central museum Montemartini 
-    Museum of the Street Ostiense 
-    Museum Capitulates 
-    Park of the Appia Ancient 
-    Theater Palladium 
-    District Trastevere 
-    District Testaccio 
-    District Garbatella 
-    District St. Paul 
-    District Pyramid 
-    District EUR 
... and very other

The following photographs are of various  monuments to be found in the vicinity of the Alfeo B&B: